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Derek Carr is a good quarterback, Raiders should not trade him

Derek Carr is having a though season, the huge renovation the Raiders are undergoing under new head coach Jon Gruden has certainly affected his performances.

Getting rid of the team best defensive player in Khalil Mack, starting rookie o-line men, and the new offensive mentality the team is using this season, have not help him perform at MVP level he has displayed in 2016.

So in the past weeks there have been many speculations that he might be the next big piece the Raiders are going to trade away to amass even more picks for the future drafts.

But, as Colin Cowherd said in his last segment, finding a good quarterback is very difficult in the NFL and, since Carr clearly is a good one, the Raiders shouldn’t part ways with him and bet on a new draft pick.

Colin also points out how different teams, as the Jaguars, the Giants and others, may be very interested in signing him if he becomes available via trade or free agency.


Here’s the extract ( go to 4:33 of the video) :